Spanish Fly

Price: RM60.00

For drink only.

No smell and taste.

1. Spanish fly does'nt work on all women altho it did on me. The best way to use it is to put the amount of drops advised into alcohol, but seriously do not exceed the recommended amount. I use to work in an adult shop and this used to be one of our best sellers amongst women but as I said above it does'nt work for everyone as we all have different sex drives.
Answered by Nikki2710

2. Very good, take care of the dose!
Answered by Guest

3. It worked on me -- I did the gear shift knob while he went inside te Liquor Store -- Oh what a Night!!
Answered by Guest

4. Only buy GENUINE homeopathic Spanish Fly - it is SAFE, EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE.
Answered by Guest

5. One day my boyfriend give me 10 drops in my glass and he didn t told me really i was very horny and he left me with myself i remember this day i was able to make it with anybody but i made it i made it
Answered by Tamerhany


Japan Sex Xingsu

Price: RM59.00

For drink only. Increase sexual intercourse feeling.

No smell and taste.


KY Lubricating Jelly

Price: RM18.00

Johnson & Johnson K-Y Lubricating Jelly. This water based personal lubricant is the all time favorite item that goes well with all your intimate toys. Doctors recommend KY as is more safer and effective then other lubricants as KY is clear, non-greasy and supplement your own natural moisture, so that your lovemaking or own stimulation is instantly more pleasurable. KY is safe to use with condoms. However, it is not a contraceptive as it does not contains spermicide.


Dr. O Cream

Price: RM30.00

Dr O Cream may help you increase sexual feeling and delay.

Net weight:1g
Satisfaction guarantee!!